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Agrilearn is constantly seeking new agricultural professionals to join our network. The platform enables you to form a community with your students. Create your own courses and micro credentials.

Do you have years of experience within the agricultural sector? Are you filled with a wealth of industry knowledge? Why not build a course to upskill the industry?



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A Professional Career in Agriculture

The Australian Agricultural sector is in need of skilled industry professionals to cater for the jobs of tomorrow within a rapidly evolving industry. Since 2016 agriculture has lost up to 45% of its highly skilled labour force.

To tackle this challenge head on Agrilearn strives to help upskill the labour force of tomorrow by providing a community based learning experience. Courses will cover a diverse range of topics from agricultural extension to field robotics and engineering. 

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Industry Recognition

The jobs and careers within the Australian agricultural sector are rapidly changing yet the industry skills dont reflect these changes. Agrilearn provides innovative courses to bridge the skill divide in Australian agriculture. 

Agrilearn is constantly developing new courses with a core focus on targeting innovative industries to help drive adoption in Australian agriculture. Skills in data management, digital marketing, engineering, robotics and video game design are a few key areas that the platform will cover.

Course Development

Teach the skills for the careers of tomorrow

The Agrilearn platform grants agricultural influencers and professionals the opportunity to create online courses to engage with their target audience. Whether you want to sell your courses or offer your advice for free Agrilearn has you covered.

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