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The Australian agricultural sector has an unprecedented need for professionals with the right skills to cater for the jobs of tomorrow. Build your micro credential portfolio to showcase how your skills can drive innovation in Australian Agriculture.


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Australian Agriculture

Crunching the Numbers

The 2016 census identified that the Australian domestic workforce employs around 228,000 domestic workers while cotributing $60 billion to the Australian economy. In addition over 1.5 million Australians are employed in industries that service and support the agricultural sector.

Live In Regional Areas 82%
Work Full Time 73%
Are Over 35 Years Old 76%
Owner Managers 36%
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Level Up your skills

Grow Your Career

The Agrilearn platform allows you to tap into the knowledge base of industry professionals and influencers to grow your career. Network with like minded agriculturists within a gamified online learning environment. 

The platform effectively acts as a learning bridge between university and industry. Online courses are provided by industry professionals to further refine how your skills can be applied within the industy. 

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Why learn with Agrilearn?

Grow as an industry professional by tapping into the industries rich knowledge base. 


Tap into a constant flow of industry knowledge via online courses.


Grow your skills as an industry professional by levelling up.


Embrace gamified learning as you level up your industry skills.

Level Up Your Career

Prepare for the future, learn the right skills

Take micro-credential based courses to further your career development. Diversify your skill sets to fast track your career develop in Australian agricululture. 

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